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Is there any depression as debilitating to a man as that of having a small penis? If you're one of the lucky ones born big, then you won't know about this. But I'm guessing because you've come to this article, that you're just an average guy like me who lost out in life's lottery.


Both men and women may suffer from oral yeast infections. Oral yeast infection in men is called Oral Thrush. Oral yeast infection is commonly caused by Candida Albicans which is found in many people with no harmful effects. Even in unstable environments Candida can grow into a fungus that can be a contagion.


I used a variety of different methods to try and increase my penis size, but what I learned from that was that most of them just don't work. Unfortunately, you only know this once you have spent your hard earned cash and wasted your precious time on them.